Financial Goals

2018 is here

It’s hard to believe that it’s January but it is! Do you look upon the new year as a new start? Do you make resolutions and vow to change habits and do things differently from last year?

I used to make resolutions until I realized that I never achieved them. Part of the problem with resolutions is that we tend to create them in the negative, so last year I set goals instead and do you know I actually achieved every single one?

Now, mind you, all my goals were business-related and not personal in nature but I still hit every goal I set. I wrote them down, I reviewed them every few weeks. I wrote them in my planner and every week I set shorter-term goals that would help me to reach those bigger long-term goals.

2018 promises to be a really good year. I sat down a few days ago and wrote down all the things I would like to happen in the next year or so. I also wrote down some bigger long-term dreams that may take more than a year to reach.

January is a great month to also take a look at financial goals and figure out what we want to happen there. Many times the stress of the holidays has caught up to us and the credit card statements start coming in and we realize that we have spent more than we intended and are left trying to figure out how to pay off balances and get our spending back on track.

Getting out of debt is a dream for many but there are many ways to make it a reality. This month we will explore different ways to pay off debt, deal with creditors, talk to our spouses or significant others about money and create momentum so we can get our financial plans in place so we can enjoy our lives and not be slaves to our past financial choices.