February Focus

Over the course of January the focus was on how to deal with creditors. In February, the focus will be on saving money – for emergencies, for retirement and for your child’s college education.

Saving can be a really difficult thing for people, particularly those with a lot of debt or who aren’t sure when to start. This month, over at the Credit Savvy Diva Facebook group we will be talking about why it’s important to have money in a savings account for emergencies before you start paying off debt. We will also be discussing how much to save for retirement and the different types of accounts you can use to save for your children’s college education.

Starting in January a book club was offered to the women involved in the Credit Savvy Diva Facebook group. We are currently reading Love Your Life, Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze. This month we will meet on the 8th, to discuss chapter 3 and 4, and the 22nd, to discuss chapter 5 and6, online. Please feel free to join us.