Consulting Calls

For the past year I have been giving away a lot of my knowledge (not everything – a girl must have some secrets, right?) for free.  I have started a free Facebook group for women who want to be educated in regards to handling their money responsibly and have a safe community to share their triumphs, failings and be encouraged.  I have a Facebook page where I engage and let women get to know me and if I’m someone they’d like to work with and I have this blog where I share information that pertains to what we’re talking about in the Facebook group.

For the past year, I have been hesitant to charge for my services.  Not because I’m not qualified but because I have a bit of imposter syndrome.  When I worked for my last credit union I got paid to do exactly what I’m doing now.  And honestly, I got paid for doing a whole lot more than what I’m doing now.  And I took that paycheck every two weeks and spent it, no questions asked.  I didn’t see myself as unqualified.  I didn’t see myself as not deserving.  I didn’t see myself as a fraud.  And yet, here I am a year into this venture and I have never charged for my services, never charged for my expertise and questioned my own value and worth because I didn’t have an accredited institution behind my name.

Why do we do that?  Why do we devalue ourselves and our knowledge?

I’m not sure but I am pretty knowledgeable about debt reduction, credit reports, FICO scores and budgeting.  Debt reduction and credit reports are the two areas that I really enjoy discussing and helping people with.

Starting today, I am offering consulting calls for women who are interested in these two areas – raising their FICO score and cleaning up their credit reports (if needed) and debt reduction.  These calls are $30 for 30 minutes of my time.  I will sit down with you and discuss your needs.  We will come up with a plan of action.  And we will do it together.

I am so excited to be offering this service to you.