Debt, Emergency Fund, Saving

Life happens

This past week has not gone as planned.  It started off well enough and it’s actually ended quite well but the in between and getting to where I am right now (sitting on the couch listening to a podcast and typing this blog post) was complicated, tiring and full of sadness and uncertainty.

The original plan for the week was to take our girls to NY.  It was spring break here in Massachusetts and my husband had a conference in NYC on Thursday so we figured we would take our oldest to NYC and meet up with family.  But that’s not how things went.

My husband went to see his family on Monday after a text from his mom on Sunday and he was with them throughout the week.  I still took the girls to NY and then took my oldest to NYC.  While she and I had a blast on Wednesday, Thursday I woke up with a horrid headache and just not feeling well.  Uncertain whether it was something long or short term I ended up returning to my mom and dads – which actually worked out well because my younger two were out of sorts.

We all got home on Saturday and it is so good to have everyone under the same roof.  I am grateful for the time my husband had with his family and for the time I had with my family.

But I want to talk to you about something that really came to mind this past week and that’s the importance of an emergency fund.  I am so grateful that my husband and I were prepared and able to afford a last minute trip.  While we could have thrown that trip on a credit card, the fact is we do have that money in a bank account and we can easily move it to pay for the things we needed to pay for this week.

I want to encourage you – if you do not have an emergency fund – to please start saving. Even if you only put $1000 in a savings account and leave it there while you tackle debt and other expenses.  That $1000 could make a huge difference in your life and what you are able and not able to do when emergencies come up.  Please don’t put yourself in a situation where you may not be able to do something you need to do; or  put yourself further into debt when emergencies arise and you grab a credit card because you have no other option.