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“Budget” isn’t a dirty word

One of the reasons so many people give up on budgeting is that it makes them nervous.  It reminds them that they are irresponsible, makes them feel overwhelmed and it creates angst where there may not have been any.

The fact is that you need to create a budget but you may not want to.  You may not want to face the truth of your current financial situation.  You may not want to have to face the fact that you spend too much on coffee and not enough on retirement.  You may not want to have to talk to your spouse about a credit card you’ve racked up or a bill that was forgotten about or that you didn’t pay  on time.  You may not want to take responsibility for your past actions or your current situation but a budget will force you to do that.

But the truth?  If you don’t have a budget then you are letting your money control you instead of you controlling your money.  That’s a scary thought, huh?

By putting together a budget you take responsibility for those past mistakes, you take stock of your current situation and you try to make lemonade out of what may be a gigantic bag of lemons.

A budget isn’t a dirty word.  It isn’t a line drawn in the sand. But it is a plan. A map. An instruction manual for your money.

Take that plan and then use it to your benefit by following through with it.  Put money into savings, put money toward retirement, pay off that debt, create a plan and then do your best to take control.