Financial Goals, Mindset


One of the things I love about summer is the fact that if you have kids and aren’t working full time, you can be as relaxed or as over-scheduled as you choose to be.  During the school year there is a very definite rhythm to our home thanks to school, dance classes, art classes and whatever other after school activities my kids choose to partake in.
This summer I have chosen to take a more relaxed approach to summer.  A week visiting my parents, a weeks worth of mornings spent at VBS, an art class for my middle daughter and tutoring for my oldest was really all I had or have the energy for.
One of the reasons I chose to keep things a little bit less scheduled is the fact that all my girls will be going to school in the fall.  My oldest is entering 3rd grade, my middle one will be starting Kindergarten and my youngest will be going to preschool 2 days a week.  I want to savor this summer and let them take some time to just be together.  This will probably be the last summer where they aren’t all involved in some sort of activity and I want them to spend time playing together and really cementing their love for one another.
Over the past few summers we have scheduled ourselves to the max and I worried that maybe we were overdoing it.  Maybe we were spreading ourselves too thin.
I think we can do this with our money and particularly with our financial goals.  I think many times we create these over the top goals and get so bogged down in the details that we fail to enjoy the process and actually achieve them because we get overwhelmed.  That’s not a terrible thing but it isn’t the best thing either.
So, take some time this week to write out your financial goals for August but don’t create too many – in fact, only create one or two. And then take some time to figure out your course of action. But remember that no matter what, whether you achieve them or not, those goals are meant to be a starting point. They are meant to be a building block to get you further along the path.