Giving Will Change Your Life

Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps have been life changing for so many throughout the United States.  A return to financial basics.  Setting up emergency funds, getting out of debt, wise spending, creating a budget, setting up retirement and education accounts and not relying on loans and credit cards on our path to financial freedom.

But the last step to true financial freedom is probably the one that makes me the most excited and that’s baby step 7 – to give and build wealth.  This may seem counterintuitive but it is actually so important.  Once you no longer have the responsibility to pay back your debt and deal with financial responsibilities, you are then free to really start saving and giving money without any strings attached.  You no longer have to worry about paying back the man and can start helping others.  Taking time to use your money as a tool to give back to your community, to your family and friends and to really establish yourself financially.

Giving will change your life.  Not only will it change your life but it will change you.
Do you currently give?  Do you currently tithe?  Do you donate things you have outgrown?  Given your time to a local organization?  Giving monetarily is an amazing way to bless others.
Now, question for you – do you give without expecting anything in return?  

Being in a position where we can give monetarily to someone without having to think about it, is an amazing gift.  Right now, you may not be in the position to give very much monetarily and that is ok.  But something I do want to say, is that you should be giving something – even if it’s just 5 or 10% of your income to a charity, to your church or some organization that you hold near and dear.  And the reason why I say this is that giving has the power to transform, not just the person you are giving to, but it has the power to transform you!  Giving can actually make you a better person. 

Don’t believe me?  It’s in the research.
Ralph Marston wrote, “Every time you interact with someone else, you have the opportunity to give that person some kind of value. Whether it is a thing, or a thought, a gesture or a kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.”

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?  And it’s true. 

Scientific research provides compelling data to support the notion that giving one’s time, talents and treasures is a powerful pathway to finding purpose, transcending difficulties, and finding fulfillment and meaning in life.