Our Brains Are Trained to Fit Our Narrative

The way you think about money will determine how much or how little money you have in your life.  Sounds a bit weird right?
Money is an object.
It has no power.
It has no ability.
It has no ideas or preconceived ideas or fears.
Money is a tool.
It can help you to become powerful.
It can give you the ability to do more than you ever thought possible.
It can calm our fears, bring our ideas into reality and harvest our creativity.
Money in the hands of a fool will not go very far but when used wisely, it can grow into something bigger and better and more amazing than our imaginations could even imagine.
But what is it about money that causes us to lose our ability to get ahead?  What causes us to live in a lack mentality?  What causes us to fear money?
Sometimes it is a lack of education.  Sometimes it’s not knowing how to use the tools we have at our disposal.  Sometimes it more than that though.  It’s in our subconscious and we aren’t even aware that it’s holding us back or keeping us from the things we desire most.
Mindset is powerful.  It can prevent us from living to our fullest potential and from using money in a healthy way to reach our dreams.
When it comes to money we often give it too much power over our lives. Instead of using it as a tool to better our lives, we squander it.  We get into a cycle of believing we aren’t worth the time, the effort, the cost.  We start telling ourselves that we will get to it later, that we don’t deserve certain things in our lives and that we are destined to only get so far in life.
When we continually tell ourselves, over and over and over, that something is true we get to the point where that becomes our narrative. Our brains will always find ways for our truths to fit our narrative.  We will only see the negatives, not the positives.  We will only see how things won’t work or how our lives are lacking or how big an obstacle is.  When we tell ourselves we don’t have enough, we will never have enough.  When we dream small, we will never see the bigger picture.