How to Stop Fear from Destroying Your Financial Future

Positive thinking isn’t a new way of handling financials but it is important to remember that mindset does create our reality in many situations.  It is time to figure out why our fears are controlling us so we can start taking control and make our financial situation less stressful and more in line with what we want out of life.
How do we do this? 
How do we create new truth?

  1. Be honest with yourself.
    Take time to sit down and really figure out what caused your fears.  Then take time to talk through those prayers.  Journal.  Talk it over with your spouse.  By being honest with yourself and your spouse, you will start to free yourself from the lies you’ve told yourself.
  2. Remember that money is a tool.
    It is meant to help you get from point A to point B.  By remembering that you have the power to use money to either benefit your life – you put yourself in control.  And by putting yourself in control you take back the power that you have placed money over your life.
  3. Create a mantra that will stay with you.
    Repeat it often.  Put it where you will see it – write it in your planner.  Make it your screen saver.  Put it on an index card and stick it to your bathroom mirror.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  

When it comes to money, it isn’t easy to take back control when we feel we never had any.  Sometimes we feel like we are victims of our circumstances or that our past dealings with money will always control us.  Our past mistakes continue to make us feel helpless and overwhelmed and as though we have no way to get past it.