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Ways to Make Life Simpler

It’s October and life is settling into a routine.  Kids are back to school, after school activities have started and sometimes I pray for the weekend and Monday’s hardly over.  One of the things that really helps our family is scheduling and meal planning.

I never really thought much about meal planning in the past.  In fact, up until a few years ago I didn’t meal plan at all.  I would buy random food and throw things together but that method wasn’t great for keeping us on track in regards to our budget or our waistlines.

Here are some tips for making your nights go a little easier, particularly when it comes to planning healthy meals.

  1. Meal prep – Chop all veggies at the same time and put aside for recipes, keep them in an easily accessible vegetable/fruit drawer.
  2. Keep all chopped veggies in clear storage so you can easily find what you’re looking for.  Label them.  
  3. When you get meat from the grocery store, rewrap in freezer bags to store, and write the date on it so you know when you bought it.
  4. If you have recipes that you need to throw in a crockpot, you can throw ingredients together ahead of time and keep them labeled.  (seasoning, veggies)
  5. Keep printed recipes in a binder for easy acessibility or in an online folder.  Keeping recipes in easily accessible places makes it easier to look through and find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.  
  6. When you make your grocery list – write out what you’re making at the bottom.  If you are using an online recipe, link it so you can easily click and get back to the page you want without a lot of fuss.