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Never have I ever

People always say it seems like they will always have a car payment.  A car payment is not always a necessary evil – in fact, it is very possible to not have a car payment – like ever again. My husband and I have gotten auto loans for every car we’ve ever purchased.  We’ve always… Read More Never have I ever

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Auto financing 101

Did you know the average car payment is about $500 month? That the average car loan is for $30,000? And the average loan term is over 5 years? Those statistics can easily be found online but those figures are pretty disconcerting. There are many (MANY) articles (not even kidding – Google it) that suggest that… Read More Auto financing 101

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Life happens

This past week has not gone as planned.  It started off well enough and it’s actually ended quite well but the in between and getting to where I am right now (sitting on the couch listening to a podcast and typing this blog post) was complicated, tiring and full of sadness and uncertainty. The original… Read More Life happens


What is a debt snowball?

Many times when people want to pay off their debt, they take on more debt. That doesn’t seem to make much sense, but you will find that people often take out “debt consolidation loans” or use equity in their homes or cars. Some people apply for 0% interest rate credit cards and make a balance… Read More What is a debt snowball?


How to have a productive conversation with your spouse about money

While getting out of debt can seem hard, sometimes talking to our spouses can seem even more difficult. If you’re already in a marriage where communication isn’t easy, talking about money can seem down right daunting. How do we go about talking to our spouse about money if we are already feeling ashamed, embarrassed, nervous… Read More How to have a productive conversation with your spouse about money