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A beautiful thought

Ralph Marston wrote, “Every time you interact with someone else, you have the opportunity to give that person some kind of value. Whether it is a thing, or a thought, a gesture or a kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? And it’s… Read More A beautiful thought

Giving, Gratitude

Gratitude and giving

Did you know that gratitude and giving actually improve your health?  Really.  There have been studies done and they all show that people are much more likely to sleep better, have stronger marriages, are kinder and are in general more positive people. Gratitude and giving go hand in hand.  Giving makes you less selfish and… Read More Gratitude and giving



I am focusing on being more grateful in my everyday life. I’m sure that everyone has heard the Teddy Roosevelt quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, how do you counteract that? By being thankful for what you do have and not focusing on what you don’t have. Right? 
Easier said than done I… Read More Gratitude