Financial Goals, Mindset


One of the things I love about summer is the fact that if you have kids and aren’t working full time, you can be as relaxed or as over-scheduled as you choose to be.  During the school year there is a very definite rhythm to our home thanks to school, dance classes, art classes and… Read More Summertime


Is it cost effective?

My daughters had their first dance recital with their new studio this weekend. For the past 3 years my girls have attended a studio in the next town over on Saturday mornings.  But this year, my oldest would have been taking a few classes that were on two different days and her sister would be… Read More Is it cost effective?


Financial clutter

Winter, I think, may finally be gone. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to see green on the trees, grass on the ground and flowers starting to sprout.  I am taking the opportunity to thoroughly clean my house and am going to give the ceilings and bedrooms a fresh coat… Read More Financial clutter


Consulting Calls

For the past year I have been giving away a lot of my knowledge (not everything – a girl must have some secrets, right?) for free.  I have started a free Facebook group for women who want to be educated in regards to handling their money responsibly and have a safe community to share their… Read More Consulting Calls