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One of the things I love about summer is the fact that if you have kids and aren’t working full time, you can be as relaxed or as over-scheduled as you choose to be.  During the school year there is a very definite rhythm to our home thanks to school, dance classes, art classes and… Read More Summertime

Financial Goals

Goals Require Action

Just like a budget requires action. You can create goals or a budget but unless you actually take steps toward reaching your goals or move money to various accounts, you will make little headway. So how do we break down a goal to make it achievable? How do we create a budget that isn’t overwhelming?… Read More Goals Require Action

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There are several ways to create goals but one of the best ways is to use the SMART method.   It allows you to create manageable goals that can be broken down into actionable steps. So what does SMART stand for? Specific – What exactly what is to be done with the money involved? Measurable… Read More SMART


Is it cost effective?

My daughters had their first dance recital with their new studio this weekend. For the past 3 years my girls have attended a studio in the next town over on Saturday mornings.  But this year, my oldest would have been taking a few classes that were on two different days and her sister would be… Read More Is it cost effective?

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When it comes to a budget, I truly believe that the simpler you can keep it the better. Many times people seem to overcomplicate and get overwhelmed when looking at spreadsheets and graphs. While there is software that is meant to make things easy to manage, I find that it is best to use paper… Read More 50-20-30

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Never have I ever

People always say it seems like they will always have a car payment.  A car payment is not always a necessary evil – in fact, it is very possible to not have a car payment – like ever again. My husband and I have gotten auto loans for every car we’ve ever purchased.  We’ve always… Read More Never have I ever

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Auto financing 101

Did you know the average car payment is about $500 month? That the average car loan is for $30,000? And the average loan term is over 5 years? Those statistics can easily be found online but those figures are pretty disconcerting. There are many (MANY) articles (not even kidding – Google it) that suggest that… Read More Auto financing 101