February Focus

Over the course of January the focus was on how to deal with creditors. In February, the focus will be on saving money – for emergencies, for retirement and for your child’s college education. Saving can be a really difficult thing for people, particularly those with a lot of debt or who aren’t sure when… Read More February Focus


What is a debt snowball?

Many times when people want to pay off their debt, they take on more debt. That doesn’t seem to make much sense, but you will find that people often take out “debt consolidation loans” or use equity in their homes or cars. Some people apply for 0% interest rate credit cards and make a balance… Read More What is a debt snowball?


How to have a productive conversation with your spouse about money

While getting out of debt can seem hard, sometimes talking to our spouses can seem even more difficult. If you’re already in a marriage where communication isn’t easy, talking about money can seem down right daunting. How do we go about talking to our spouse about money if we are already feeling ashamed, embarrassed, nervous… Read More How to have a productive conversation with your spouse about money

Financial Goals

2018 is here

It’s hard to believe that it’s January but it is! Do you look upon the new year as a new start? Do you make resolutions and vow to change habits and do things differently from last year? I used to make resolutions until I realized that I never achieved them. Part of the problem with… Read More 2018 is here


It’s Complicated

Many times people fail to create a budget simply because they don’t understand the importance of having one and because they feel it’s overly complicated.  Creating a budget doesn’t have to be complicated though.  In fact, it can be very simple.   You need to know what a budget does first.  And a budget has… Read More It’s Complicated